She Said Yes…Wait, Where’s The Ring? Would You Accept A Marriage Proposal Without A Ring?


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Man Of Steel: Zack Snyder’s Reboot Leaves Me Cold

The Password is Swordfish

Superman’s father mentions on multiple occasions in Man of Steel, the reboot of the Superman franchise, that Superman can potentially be a bridge between worlds, exemplifying the best of both human and Kryptonian characteristics. Man of Steel aspires to be a bridge between worlds as well, hoping to bring a flawed humanity to Superman that hasn’t existed before in cinematic renditions, while also delivering on the fun big-budget action that makes the little kid in all of us watch with wonder. Its humanity angle works beautifully, and there’s plenty of big-budget action… but its clunky seriousness denies us any fun, and its frantic overstuffed exposition doesn’t allow its main characters to develop. For every terrific new idea that works, there’s a played-out derivative angle dragging the film down. There’s plenty to admire in Man of Steel, but there isn’t much to love. Zack Snyder’s film has impressive scope, budget, and…

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Aliens Help Patriotic Mainers Salute All 50 State Flags On Flag Day

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

betsy-ross-flag-dayHappy Flag Day, Modern Philosophers!  The flag is flying proudly at The House on the Hill, and I have just returned from a wonderful adventure that allowed me to salute Old Glory (and every state flag) in all 50 states on this patriotic holiday.

Betsy Ross would have been blushing at the sight of about 100 Mainers, mostly from the Bangor area, zipping across the country at amazing speeds just for the right to salute her creation in every state.

What started as a small gathering at the Penobscot County Courthouse quickly morphed into something so much more exciting when my friend Klebop’i’qwero, who recently moved to Maine from a very distant galaxy, asked us what we were doing.

flagThis Modern Philosopher, properly attired in a red, white, and blue toga, explained that we had come together to salute the flag in honor of Flag Day.  He asked if every…

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An irregular verb “aha” moment

Oregon Expat


This is so cool. After having to tell my stepson that I have no idea why “to go” is such a bizarre irregular verb in English, I now have an answer. Turns out that go was a synonym of wend, up until the 15th century, when go won out and wend fell by the wayside. But the past tense of wend was went — which continued to be used. And the past tense of go was goed, which was dropped. Thus the present tense go was paired up with the past tense went, and now we have one modern verb that’s mashed together from two old ones. No wonder it’s so weird!

I picked this up from a Mental Floss post on dead words that persist to this day only because they were “fossilized in idioms,” a phrase I loved the moment I read it…

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