Man Of Steel: Zack Snyder’s Reboot Leaves Me Cold

The Password is Swordfish

Superman’s father mentions on multiple occasions in Man of Steel, the reboot of the Superman franchise, that Superman can potentially be a bridge between worlds, exemplifying the best of both human and Kryptonian characteristics. Man of Steel aspires to be a bridge between worlds as well, hoping to bring a flawed humanity to Superman that hasn’t existed before in cinematic renditions, while also delivering on the fun big-budget action that makes the little kid in all of us watch with wonder. Its humanity angle works beautifully, and there’s plenty of big-budget action… but its clunky seriousness denies us any fun, and its frantic overstuffed exposition doesn’t allow its main characters to develop. For every terrific new idea that works, there’s a played-out derivative angle dragging the film down. There’s plenty to admire in Man of Steel, but there isn’t much to love. Zack Snyder’s film has impressive scope, budget, and…

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