Aliens Help Patriotic Mainers Salute All 50 State Flags On Flag Day

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

betsy-ross-flag-dayHappy Flag Day, Modern Philosophers!  The flag is flying proudly at The House on the Hill, and I have just returned from a wonderful adventure that allowed me to salute Old Glory (and every state flag) in all 50 states on this patriotic holiday.

Betsy Ross would have been blushing at the sight of about 100 Mainers, mostly from the Bangor area, zipping across the country at amazing speeds just for the right to salute her creation in every state.

What started as a small gathering at the Penobscot County Courthouse quickly morphed into something so much more exciting when my friend Klebop’i’qwero, who recently moved to Maine from a very distant galaxy, asked us what we were doing.

flagThis Modern Philosopher, properly attired in a red, white, and blue toga, explained that we had come together to salute the flag in honor of Flag Day.  He asked if every…

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