Radio XXI, side A, track 9: “Never Tear Us Apart” by INXS, #59 on The Top 88 of ’88

Mixed Tape Masterpiece

Radio XXI Never Tear Us Apart - INXSOh, INXS, as I’ve intimated previously, even though I’m a heterosexual man-boy, I don’t know that my heterosexualness would be able to withstand the power of this song were it to be directed my way.  Luckily, since there’s no chance you’d ever sing this song directly to me, INXS, my masculinity and/or sexuality remains firmly intact (such as it is).  But let’s talk about this song for a second.  Yes, it’s an amazing song, and yes, it deserves to be on this year-end countdown and probably deserves to be higher.  But this is one of those songs that epitomizes why I was always annoyed by the artsy guys in college.  Because the artsy guys could easily score the artsy girls, and unfortunately for me, I also liked artsy girls, and doubly unfortunately for me, I didn’t have any artsy skills, unless you count writing the occasional derivative comic-book…

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Julian Lennon – Everything Changes

Julian Lennon returns with his first album in 15 years, the stunning Everything Changes (Music From Another Room), a masterwork of powerfully vulnerable and sophisticatedly accessible adult pop.

Lyrically, it covers romance, introspection, and humanitarian concerns with artistic concision, mixing clever wordplay with emotional directness.

Here is the exquisite “Looking 4 Luv”

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Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day – June 2013

Effort Group

Gwirrel's Garden

The months are honestly flying by and it’s hard to believe it’s the middle of June now. Work continues on the house, I’m slowly but surely trying to get rid of any clutter and generally tidy/paint.

After a month or so of pretty awesome weather, it’s no surprise that the garden is looking its best. The plants would probably appreciate some rain and sure enough some is due later in the week… see, I don’t mind rain.

Rose season is beginning, albeit a little late but I can’t hold a grudge for long.

There are plenty of flowers blooming now, and actually we had our first real rain in a long time so lots of plants are now fallen over and look a mess. I can’t chop back the Geraniums and Centurium though because they’re only just beginning to bloom so I’ll have to put up with flattened plants for…

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